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Why you need Partner?

On the pages of the website we've briefly described the essential functions of the Partner EE586HT dictionary. What we've described thus far is not all that it can do. We offer you these testimonials as documented proof of Partner's excellence. We find them to be quite convincing; perhaps you will too.

Doug Milken, 47, CEO

"I bought Partner as a Christmas gift to myself in 2000. From that time on, I carry it with me at all times.

My job takes me to Europe pretty often. The first time I went, I was a little lost since I didn't know any foreign languages. Over the years, I racked up quite a collection of phrasebooks. Taken together, they're pretty heavy - which isn't good with the weight limits on airlines - and finding the word or phrase I need takes a lot of time.

All of these problems were solved when I got myself a Partner. It replaced not only all of the phrase books, but my date book, and sometimes it even takes the place of my computer and fax. On the plane, I like to read an explanatory dictionary of the English language just for fun. Honestly, I think Partner is the ideal helper for anyone who spends a lot of time abroad."

Pablo Muyraro, 35, engineer

"My wife, my son and I came to the U.S. from Spain recently. Partner helps us to not only communicate with Americans, but to learn to speak English correctly. I read the Grammar section constantly, and in the evenings I test my family for correct pronunciation."

Al Rigby, 12

"Well, Partner is really my dad's toy, but sometimes when we're on a trip somewhere he lets me play games on it, and I can even draw on it, and it can even talk in English!"

Mindy Vineyard, 32, transport manager

"I can't imagine life with out Partner now at all. Now if it could replace a cell phone, that would be even better! I haven't had to use paper to take notes for a while now. You can lose paper! Partner is really a lifesaver. I can jot down handwritten notes on the run, or record by voice, and then I can enter them into the organizer and I'll never forget them. Entering information is a snap - just use the stylus and touch screen - that's it."

James Wap, 37, consultant

"I spent a lot of time picking out a dictionary on I opted for the latest, most perfect model. I wasn't disappointed."

Oki Khadiro, 29, programmer

"Partner is already like a second language teacher to me. As soon as I read about what it can do, I decided to buy it. Entering in stuff with the virtual keyboard and 2 MB of memory in the organizer are just what I need, and all of the other useful functions make life a whole lot easier."


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