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Partner is appropriately called an Integrated Digital Language System. It is not just a dictionary but a faithful aid to its owner. A 2MB organizer quickly stores and retrieves necessary information.

The Partner directory allows you to not only enter a contact's name and telephone number, but also his or her company name, fax and mobile numbers, mailing and e-mail addresses, as well as some comments.

The basis of any organizer is a calendar. Partner's calendar will not only give you the exact date, but will remind you of the planned meetings and events.

Like any businessperson, you have a sizeable amount of tasks and meetings, but it would also be good to wish your friend and/or business associate a Happy Birthday. Like any sensible person you would like to remember everything and have enough time to do what needs to be done. Partner's scheduler will reliably retain information about your tasks and will remind you in time to complete them.

The built-in calculator can rightfully be called a computing center. Judge for yourself: it not only performs standard arithmetic but can also make graphs, run mathematical formulas, and make currency and measurements conversions. Apart from the purely mathematical, Partner also has some financial accounting features.

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